Drawbacks of Solar Power

Drawbacks and cons of solar power

Solar power has become a very popular energy source in recent years. It has grown exponentially and continues to grow. But it is not without its drawbacks and cons

In a nutshell

Solar Power can be expensive to install
Some panels are not of good quality
Scam installers are plentiful
Not everyone has an ideal location for solar panels

One of the biggest drawbacks for solar power is that it can be expensive to install. The panels themselves are expensive, as well as the installation process itself. This can make it difficult for people who are on a tight budget to afford solar panels, which is why some people resort to cheap panels instead, even though they know that they are not of good quality or won’t last long. . In addition, the panels are not effective at cooling homes because they cannot effectively generate electricity.

Another drawback for solar power is the fact that some customers are unhappy with their purchase because they have had bad experiences with scam installers who take their money and run without installing anything at all, leaving them with nothing but an empty promise of clean energy. Some panels are also not as durable as other types of energy because they have a lower tolerance for heat, moisture and UV light exposure which can lead to premature failure over time.

Picking the right solar company for your installation is critical and you make your best guess, but sometimes even then, you get ripped off. There was a highly advertised solar company in Utah that was doing lots of installations. They had advertisements on the radio constantly. One would suppose the company was solid with all the business it was generating. Still, it went out of business leaving many customers who paid without an installation. For those that did get an install the prospect of not having anyone to fill the promised warranty is troubling to say the least.

The best place to install solar panels is on the roof of a house. In order to maximize how much power you can generate, you need to be in an area with a lot of sunlight. Not everyone has the roof surface area to support enough solar panels to make generation of electricity viable. Even some that do have enough roof space, the roof may be facing in the wrong direction to collect the maximum amount of sunlight.

Solar panels have been known to ruin landscapes as many are bulky and ugly. There is no getting around the fact that solar panels need to be outside and exposed to the sun.

Solar panels are popping up all over the country and many people who have them installed on their homes have complained about the lack of aesthetic appeal. To solve this dilemma, a company called “Foldable” has created a solar panel that is completely foldable and can be tucked away like an umbrella when not in use. That’s one way to ease the ugly factor but it’s not a feature provided by every solar company and panel manufacturer.

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